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Body Language of Trump and Macron

US president Donald Trump welcomed French president Emmanuel Macron to the White House for the first official state visit of the Trump administration. Their body language went far beyond regular handshakes and Trump took control as the alpha male.

Watch our BBC World Service interview:

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Prediction of French Election

We've predicted accurately the outcome of Obama's victory in 2012, and we predicted correctly the election outcomes in Belgium, Netherlands, Colombia, etc.

This time, in collaboration with Othello in France, we predicted that Macron will become the next president of France, based on the micro expressions of over 1000 voters watching the videos of the candidates.

See below video with our analysis of the 2nd round, published 4 days before France votes:

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Analysis of Body Language Exercises in the Streets

Here's an analysis of the body language exercises we do in the streets during our courses:

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Video of Body Language Exercises in the Streets

Would you like to see how we practice non-verbal communication analysis with people in the streets? It's one of the best ways to test your body language skills in real life.

In this video I explain how you can try it out yourself in your town: 

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Body Language and Authenticity

Watch Kasia's very pregnant presentation on Body Language and Authenticity:

In meantime our baby Thomas Wezowski is born. You can see a some pictures on our Facebook.

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Our TED Talk on Body Language and Micro Expressions

TED logoNon-verbal communication can predict anybody's success or failure. Our research has proven that decoding somebody's Body Language Code™ can predict the outcome of presidential elections or your inborn potential to have an advantage in negotiations. Knowing how to read "micro expressions"

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How to Predict any Contest Result using Body Language

If you know how to read and respond to Body Language and Micro Expressions on an advanced level, you can predict almost anything. Together with our Certified Trainers, who joined us at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, the leading event for innovation and investing in Europe, we made our most impressive prediction ever.

See how we predicted the Contest Results in this short video:

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Body Language Across Different Cultures

How different are facial expressions and body language across cultures? Hand gestures might have regularly various interpretations, but the most reliable signs of emotions are part of our nature. Research on blind persons from birth has proven that they show exactly the same facial expressions as others. This is the best evidence that the way we communicate with our face is part of our human DNA.

There is a belief that Japanese persons don't show emotions. This is one of the many myths around body language. From our experience and research this is not true.

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The Concept of Polarities

Extract from our Book
Emotional Management Method

Chapter V.
The concept of Polarities

Polarities - the definition

I understand by "polarities" extremes, which exclude the possibility of existence of its reverse. For example when you see white, you don’t see black at the same time. When a knife is sharp, you don’t perceive it as blunt. Polarities therefore are extremes of our perception

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Voice message

Listen to this voice message for you :

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Body Language of the man behind the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax

Body Language of the man behind the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoaxDr. Phil recently sat down with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man behind the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax. Ronaiah revealed how he created Lennay, a Polynesian beauty,

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Body Language in Bollywood

Body Language Bollywood MovieWe participated in a Bollywood movie
Center for Body Language participated in the making of a Bollywood movie. The production team visited us in our "winter-HQ" in Kerala, India. What you see on this movie happens on the top floor

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Test our New Effective Conversations™ Training Program

Test our NEW Effective Conversations™ Training Program

Effective Conversations by Center for Body LanguageWe've just completed the development of our new training program.
Want to be the first to Test it and give us feedback?

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Lance Armstrong’s Body Language in Oprah’s Interview

Lance Armstrong Body LanguageLance Armstrong spoke to Oprah Winfrey about doping in an interview. His Body Language and Micro Expressions said a lot more than you could hear in his words. This video is just a fraction of the Body Language goldmine

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Dilated Pupils and Causes why Pupils Dilate

Dilated Pupils Body LanguageWe tested Dilated Pupils in real-life

The Causes of Dilated Pupils are often related to strong positive emotions. Since Eckhart Hess published his study in '65, concluding that pupils dilate under influence of emotions, there have been a lot of scientists coming to similar conclusions. However, the fact that triggered us for our real-life study, is that...

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What is Your Body Language saying about your Attitude?

Body Language ShoutWhatever business you are in, how people perceive you in the first few minutes makes a lasting impression that impacts how successful or unsuccessful you are personally and professionally. This first impression is determined by your attitude, which defines your long term career success and whether you build good business relationships with clients, staff, your boss or customers.

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Why body language can be a key to greater success

Body Language KeyWe already know since Albert Mehrabian conducted several studies on the relative importance of verbal and nonverbal messages of feelings and attitudes, that body language is an important element of human communication but few people know how to benefit from this knowledge.

When properly used body language can be your key to greater success on any level. It can help to build sustainable private and work relationships , to work easier in a multicultural world, bond with colleagues or employees, influence people in sales and other domains, present your ideas with bigger impact and protect your charisma.

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Reflections on Micro Expressions

Body Language ReflectionsYears ago, a friend tried to convince me to join the "Amateur Radio Association". It took him quiet a long time to do so, and in the end I relented. To my surprise he was astounded.
-"You are such a busy person, why did you consent?", he asked.
-"Because I want to know things a moment before they happen", I answered.
This short memory is the essence of the" why" to many things I do, including "Micro Expressions".

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The first impression is made through Body Language

Body Language ImpressionFirst impressions are very important when starting a relationship of any kind. Making the first impression doesn’t take long at all. It is said between 7-30 seconds is when you make first impressions, and that’s pretty quick. If you don’t have the right body language it could set the stage for the making of bad impressions. This negative impression due to bad body language can only take seconds to ruin a personal or business situation.

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