Effective Conversations™ Training


What do you say when you detect incongruence during a meeting?

Effective Conversations™ is a comprehensive system to know exactly how to respond in situations where the body language you see contradicts the words you hear. With our online program, you can practice with videos showing real-time situations and receive instant feedback on the most appropriate reaction to make.

How to master Effective Conversations™?

  1. Learn it on our online Micro Expressions Practitioner
  2. Master it by requesting an in-house training


What we provide:

  • Learn what to say when you see facial expressions that contradict the words
  • A practical and simple framework for business people to apply immediately
  • Tailored real-life examples for Sales, Recruitment and Negotiations
  • Online interactive training program with instant feedback

Results for you:

  • Know exactly how to respond when you detect incongruence
  • Save a lot of time in all business conversations
  • Build stronger and more authentic relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Feel confident in difficult situations and make more personal impact

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