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Body Language of Trump and Macron

US president Donald Trump welcomed French president Emmanuel Macron to the White House for the first official state visit of the Trump administration. Their body language went far beyond regular handshakes and Trump took control as the alpha male.

Watch our BBC World Service interview:

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Prediction of French Election

We've predicted accurately the outcome of Obama's victory in 2012, and we predicted correctly the election outcomes in Belgium, Netherlands, Colombia, etc.

This time, in collaboration with Othello in France, we predicted that Macron will become the next president of France, based on the micro expressions of over 1000 voters watching the videos of the candidates.

See below video with our analysis of the 2nd round, published 4 days before France votes:

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Analysis of Body Language Exercises in the Streets

Here's an analysis of the body language exercises we do in the streets during our courses:

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Video of Body Language Exercises in the Streets

Would you like to see how we practice non-verbal communication analysis with people in the streets? It's one of the best ways to test your body language skills in real life.

In this video I explain how you can try it out yourself in your town: 

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Body Language and Authenticity

Watch Kasia's very pregnant presentation on Body Language and Authenticity:

In meantime our baby Thomas Wezowski is born. You can see a some pictures on our Facebook.

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Our TED Talk on Body Language and Micro Expressions

TED logoNon-verbal communication can predict anybody's success or failure. Our research has proven that decoding somebody's Body Language Code™ can predict the outcome of presidential elections or your inborn potential to have an advantage in negotiations. Knowing how to read "micro expressions"

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