The first impression is made through Body Language

Body Language ImpressionFirst impressions are very important when starting a relationship of any kind. Making the first impression doesn’t take long at all. It is said between 7-30 seconds is when you make first impressions, and that’s pretty quick. If you don’t have the right body language it could set the stage for the making of bad impressions. This negative impression due to bad body language can only take seconds to ruin a personal or business situation.

To make a good first impression you must use your body language to your advantage. The first impression will be heavily dependent upon your non- verbal signals. To make a favorable first impression you can try some of these tips:
For starters: when you meet somebody, focus on them. It’s important to make appropriate eye contact. When making eye contact don’t stare the person down, but don’t look all around the room either. Make sure your attention is direct to where you look.

Another tip would be to pay attention to your posture while talking. You should be standing up tall with your chest centered and your shoulders back. Even though this might seem as if you’re in a tense position, just relax.

To build a good relationship from the beginning it is best to show often an open posture. Make sure to show the inside of your palms regularly, which gives the other person subconsciously the feeling that they are welcome and their message is resonating with you.
You probably also know that all of these tips only work if you really feel good inside, and when you are able to reflect this with full integrity on the outside. This is why at the Center for Body Language we perceive body language as a stethoscope: it is very useful to identify what is wrong, but it doesn’t heal you. If you would like to make a better first impression from today, the best way to start is to explore what emotions you feel when you first meet somebody, and to start optimizing your self-confidence.

How? A quick tip is to keep a journal of your thoughts. Ask yourself what you feel when you meet somebody for the first time? Write it down. Do you like being in large groups? What do you think of yourself just at the moment you meet somebody? Go on research how to manage emotions and how to reduce stress in stressful situation. Some of the answers (the really interesting answers) might not come immediately, but the more you become aware of your thought and emotions, the more you will be able to find a way to change them from the inside-out. And this, will have an immediate impact on your body language.

- by Patryk Wezowski, Founder of the Center for Body Language